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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor HER

Over 1000 female leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, social media influencers and brands gathered at #iamthatwoman events for a day of networking, Q&A, keynotes, shopping, and interactive experiences.

Each year brings a new opportunity for our sponsors to connect with our audience which has a purchasing power accounting for over billions in spending per year.

Our audiences are early adopters and highly interactive on social media-- providing the perfect opportunity to sample the latest products and technology and build a loyal brand following.


  • Reach your exact demographic of female decision-makers

  • Highlight and distinguish your company from your competitors

  • Align your brand with our growing movement of support female business leaders

  • Drive sales through high-exposure and experiential brand marketing

  • Make diversity and inclusion a top priority in your business. We are one of the most diverse and inclusive events for women attracting diverse women in demographics, socioeconomic status, and industry.  

BIG Opportunities

  • Become a National Sponsor at our event.

  • Work with our experienced team of marketing and sales professionals to create a customized sponsorship package based on your goals & budget.

  • Receive the greatest impact and visibility leading up to, throughout, and during the event.

  • Reach over 5M on social platforms, radio, and television.

Let's Make A Change Together

Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Proud Bird

11022 Aviation Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90045

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