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Our mission is to improve the quality of life for women and girls within our community and around the world.

Together we can change the World


This event is more than a gathering of women. It’s reconnecting with your tribe or finding for the first time whom you are created to be. The energy, the inspiration, and the connection available to us with this space are beyond what you could ever hope for from a traditional conference.

​Our network is a business-building group for you if you have a family, a successful career, and other responsibilities. We want to create a positive environment for professional, seasoned businesswomen to network, share ideas, offer support, and form lasting business alliances. We are a premier business organization for professional businesswomen, not just a networking group. Our objective is to support the growth of your company and your community.

Our Mission

What's Happening Here?

  • Keynote Speakers: A step-by-step strategy to go from being completely unknown to a successful business.  It also explains why I believe most women struggle to get paid and the secret to quickly rising in both influence and impact.

  • Women Empowerment: Why there is a huge need for female business owners right now and how you can seize this opportunity to be seen, heard, and make a life-changing impact on those who genuinely need it. 

  • Developing The Power Within You: YOU control your own development and success! In this interactive session, focus on the importance of fostering a positive attitude and the personal attributes that can cultivate self-development and increase engagement, confidence, and self-esteem. Review the characteristics, qualities, and traits of peak performers, create your vision for personal and professional success, and identify barriers that can inhibit your vision. Embrace the power YOU have to achieve success through self-reflection and personal stories.

  • View From The Top (Panelist): Leaders from very different industries share their insights about how to lead change within an organization. Topics include identifying the need for change, successfully leading change initiatives, and effectively adapting to unanticipated changes, both professional and personal. Understand the levels of Leadership, entrepreneurship, and branding.

  • I Am My Sister’s Keeper: woman to women and face-to-face encouragement.

  • Awards:  Women will be recognized for their achievements and hard work.

  • Veteran Women: Honor our women who serve.

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